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Even More Merseyside Tales

This is Ken's latest collection of strange, amazing, but true stories from across Merseyside ~ 55 of them!

Find out where on Merseyside the nonsense rhyme, The Owl and The Pussycat was written; how did the 'Cast Iron Shore - The Cazzie - get its name? Learn about 'Roast Beef’, the Crosby Hermit; the Horrors of Crank Caverns; the founding of Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs; the prehistoric footprints on Formby Shore; and the Archway Road Vikings at Huyton. You will also read about the Black Rock Mermaid of Wallasey; Edward Rushton and the first School for the Blind; and about the particularly intimate wax models of diseased body parts, and ‘The Wages of Sin', in the Paradise Street Museum of Anatomy!
Discover when General Torn Thumb .came to Liverpool; read about duelists in the Dingle; Leasowe Castle and the Derby Races; Everton Beacon; and the Thugs of Willaloo. Find out where the French corps­es are buried; hear about the popular nudists' Floating Bath; and is there a lost street running beneath Lime Street?
There are so many such true stories in this amazing book, including the secrets of the Beatle's statues at the Pier Head; and the inspiring urchin boy of the fountain who became a. world-renowned and respected jazz musician. In fact, he taught Carmen Miranda and Josephine Baker how to sing and dance!
Once you begin reading these tales you really will find it hard to stop turning the pages to find out more.

Price: £13.99

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