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The Liverpool Fact Sheet Pack

A pack of 16, wonderful, double-sided, fully illustrated factsheet booklets, covering a wide-range of special topics from Liverpool's history and heritage. A great refence guide as well as being very informative and entertaining.

Each of these tells you all the essential facts about the key elements in Liverpool's outstanding history and about some of its special people too! From the 'Dockers' Umbrella' to how Liverpool's football teams began: From where does Scouse come from, to the story of the Mersey Ferries; plus so much more!
The factsheets tell of the Liverpool and Merseyside you did not know; or thought you knew; or always wanted to find out about ...
... and are all fully illustrated in colour and black and white

The Liverpool Factsheet Pack contains ....

  • A Brief History of Scousers

  • The Pier Head Floating Landing Stages

  • Talk About Scouse ~ The Dialect

  • The Taste of Scouse ~ The Dish

  • City of Faith and Diversity

  • The Dockers’ Umbrella

  • The Tunnels Under The Mersey

  • The Triangular Trade ~ Slavery

  • The Beautiful Game ~ Football

  • The Special Years ~ Liverpool Timeline

  • The Rocket and The Railways

  • Titanic Timeline

  • Titanic Statistics

  • The Great Hunger ~ The Irish Famine

  • Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey

  • The Liverpool Docks

Price: Only £10 plus P&P for the full set

To buy this, please call Ken on...

Office: 0151 427 2717

Mobile: 07808 870 614

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