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6. Curious and Amazing Tales of Huyton and Prescot

A selection of unusual and entertaining stories from the Village of Huyton and the Town of Prescot.

In this fully illustrated talk discover how the Vikings left behind something large and fascinating beneath Archway Road, in Huyton. 

Find out too, how the Eagle and Child emblem of the Earls of Derby came about, and about the hundreds of German Internees behind Huyton barbed wire during World War Two.
Hear how the recreated Prescot Playhouse came about and where Shakespeare once performed in the district.

Learn about the origins of the children's rhyme about the Owl and the Pussycat and where and why it was written.
I will also tell of 'The Pugnacious Vicar of Saint Michael's Church', and what it was in Huyton that was one of the origins of the phrases "Top Dog" and "Upper Hand"!
Fascinating and fun with fabulous pictures and animations.

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