The tale of the Mersey ferries and their destinations

This is the story of the Mersey Ferries and some of their destinations from Liverpool.
It begins with Neolithic boat people but quickly moves on to early medieval ferrymen; in particular the monks of Birkenhead Priory, who established what would become the Mersey ferry services.
Ken then talks about a few of the 10 or more places that people were ferried to, from Liverpool, over the centuries.
Hear him tell of Eastham Pleasure Gardens, the bear pit and the Looping-the-Loop ride; ancient Rock Ferry; and of New Brighton Tower and Pleasure Gardens.
Ken also talks about some of the ferryboats themselves, especially the Royal Daffodil and the Royal Iris, and he describes the changing fortunes of the modern Mersey Ferries.
Finally, he talks about the history of the Pier Head, and celebrates the memory of the spectacular, wooden, floating, ½-mile long, Princes and George’s landing stages.
This talk will not only educate, inform and entertain (like the BBC!) but for many people it will bring back many happy memories.


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