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27. Liverpool: The Pool of Life, Community, and Faith

The story of the diverse peoples, communities, cultures, and faiths that go to make up the wonderful City of Liverpool - 'The World In One City'!

The culture of an area is as much about its community life as it is about its art, music, and literature.
This is no better demonstrated than in the way that diverse peoples express their spirituality and their differing faiths.
Faith has always been, and remains, an important part of the life of the people of Liverpool and Merseyside.
Ken gives the history of how all this began, became established, and developed throughout the City's growth.

Since the 1980s, our rich and diverse communities, and their faiths, have become more fully recognised and valued as an essential element in the character and culture of the City: These are also a cause for shared celebration, as this diversity adds immeasurably to the quality of life in Liverpool City Region.


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