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46. Tales of The River and The Sea ~ (Collections 1, 2 & 3)

These three talks are each a wonderful collection of maritime facts and fantasies. These are all centred on the rivers Dee and Mersey, and on the connections that Liverpool and Merseyside have always had with the seven seas and oceans of the world.

There are so many stories associated with the Mersey and the Seven Seas that it leads into that I have had to create three separate collections of tales.
You choose which of these you want to hear, and then settle back and enjoy the thrills, novelties, an d fun of this selection of maritime facts and fantasies ~ 'exactly what it says on the tin'! 

You will hear and be entertained by glorious stories of Sea Shanties; Maggie May and Liverpool’s ‘sailors’ comforters’; Lord Nelson’s Coffin and ‘the boy who stood on the burning deck’; the Tight Little Island; the Fiji Island Castaway; The Black RockMermaid; The Big Bang on The Mersey; Mother Redcap and the Wallasey Wreckers and Smugglers; the Mariners' Floating Churches; the Scouser and the Spanish Armada; the Sea Monster and The Ghost Ship; and so much more.
These are all a reflection of the maritime traditions of Liverpool, Wirral, their great Rivers Dee and Mersey, and of the Sea, and are a wonderful pot-pourri of nautical narration!


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